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Ryan Cole is a Solution Focused therapist offering brief and single-session therapy. He has built a reputation for engaging workshops on Solution Focused Brief Therapy and Single Session Therapy, and has recently started to publish his courses online.

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    I write a lot of books that contain essential how to information for solving relationship problems. It will give you new insights into those ‘impossible’ situations that cause so much anguish, stress and ther. They are clearly written, highly readable, and filled with credible information and guidance.

    “Mr. Cole Named the Best Therapist In 2016”

    Solution Focused Therapist
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    Blake Ryan

    Guided by experience, truth, and integrity, Charlie Moulton is a trusted advisor, who provides wise and timely counsel. Charlie’s concern for his client’s success goes beyond business into the most important matters of life.

    Blake Ryan

    Blake Ryan, CEO of Plain Joe Studios
    Pat Nemmers

    There are two things that will raise one business coach above another: knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge is information attained. Wisdom is the ability to use that knowledge rightly. King Solomon said as much: “The tongue of the wise uses knowledge rightly.” (Proverbs‬ ‭15:2‬) That’s what Charlie Moulton does. He brings his clients the knowledge they need and the wisdom to rightly apply it.

    Pat Nemmers

    Pat Nemmers, Lead Pastor of Saylorville Church, Des Moines, Iowa
    Thom S. Rainer

    If there was one recommendation I would give for a coach to executives, it would be Charlie Moulton. He will not only provide you wisdom and insights, but he will also help you do life and work from a Kingdom perspective.

    Thom S. Rainer

    Thom S. Rainer, Founder and CEO of Church Answers & Bestselling Author

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