Keep The Main Thing, The Main Thing

When I reflect on my story, there are three things that come into view.  Number one is alignment.  First and foremost, alignment with God.  You see as business executives we have the propensity to put everything else first.  I want to help you to keep the main thing, the main thing-which is Christ and Him crucified.  When we have that right, everything else falls into place.  Matthew 6:33

Second, I want you to understand that your family is more important than your work.  We have to get priorities in the right order.  I want to see you build a business that can actually run and thrive when you’re not there.  I want to see you free up time.  Time, where the majority of it was once spent on your business, you are now spending on your family and other areas.

And last, legacy, what do you want your life to stand for?  What do you want to be known for?  I want you to think about your life and think of it like this:  that life is influence.  What are you going to do with your influence?  What are you going to do with what’s been entrusted to you? It’s a gift God wants you to use for His glory.  I want to walk you through what it looks like to start thinking about legacy.  Your legacy matters.   It matters to God.  It matters to your family.  It matters to your friends.

Think about your life and how it started, that’s important.  But what’s most important is not where you started, what’s most important is how you finish.  I want you to finish well for God’s glory.

All of business and life for the glory of God,

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